Terms & Conditions

 Terms & Conditions (Updated Oct 17)

1.0 Please note that you must have an active Licensing and Support Contract in order to use the software, if the licensing is not renewed the named client above must remove the software from their system prior to the end date i.e. before the contract expires.

2.0 The Licensing and Support Contract covers the following: Permission to use Vet Space Ltd. Software for the invoiced period.

2.1 Listed hardware, if covered in contract will appear in the equipment schedule. We will provide support for hardware whilst it is under the manufacturers warranty, hence the material will not be charged. Thereafter charges will apply. Please note that the warranty on your hardware will commence from the date that the hardware order is placed with the manufacturer and not the installation date of your system.

2.2 If a unit needs replacing, then our ‘installation’ rate, not ‘support’ rate will apply and rates will be advised at the time.

2.3 All PMS Software upgrades are supplied as and when available. The PMS software upgrades are free of charge if applied during working hours. If; however, we need to apply outside of working hours, then charges will apply.

2.4 Telephone technical support.

3.0 Support site visits will be made when necessary to resolve hardware problems, and ‘support’ site visit charge will apply.

4.0 We endeavour to do our best and answer basic questions on Microsoft Access and Microsoft Word, however detailed Microsoft Office applications are not supported by us and support can be obtained from Microsoft (if any charges apply they will advise you on the cost.)

5.0 Mice, keyboards are considered as consumables are not covered by the contract and in case of breakdown these will be supplied at sales price.

6.0 The contract only covers support of Dell and HP Laser printers (if purchased from Vet Space Ltd) for all other laser printers support for these items is to be taken up directly with the manufacturers.

6.1 Support of Label and Receipt Printers (if purchased from Vet Space Ltd) is included in this contact.

7.0 Only ‘Dell’ Laptops are covered in this contract (if purchased by Vet Space).

8.0 Support for all HP Products (excluding printers) is to be obtained directly from HP, as they deal only with end-users.

9.0 The support on Label and Receipt printers will cease if label/receipt rolls are purchased from third parties as Vet Space Ltd can only guarantee the quality of label/receipt rolls supplied.

10.0 If Cash Drawers are supplied, locks are not covered by this contract and if replacement parts are required, Vet Space Ltd reserve the right to charge for parts used and/or a site visit at the standard rate.

11.0 This contract is valid from the installation date shown and both parties (the customer and Vet Space Ltd) reserve the right to terminate the contract giving three months notice in writing, 36 months after the installation date. Under 36 months both parties reserve the right to terminate the contract giving 1 month notice in writing. Vet Space Ltd reserve the right not to provide refunds/credits for payments already collected on this contract.  Installation dates are the start of this contract unless agreed other wise in writing.

11.01 The annual renewal of this licensing contract is subject to annual increase.

11.02 These terms and conditions can be reviewed at any stage by Vet Space Ltd. and if they are not acceptable to the customer, the customer reserves the right to give 3 months notice to terminate this contract.

12.0 If third party software is installed without written consent from Vet Space Ltd this support contract will become void.

13.0 Computer Virus’ are not covered on this contract and Vet Space Ltd reserve the right to charge accordingly if support is required.

14.0 Renewal of AVG Antivirus by Vet Space is strongly recommended and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the software is regularly updated and the virus check is run to scan the system in order to detect all viruses.  Please note that (as with all antivirus software) antivirus packages do not guarantee 100% protection against viruses and you may still get infected.

14.01 Vet Space will send AVG renewal confirmation and invoice one month prior to renewal.

15.0 Response to your calls will be made within 8 working hours and every effort will be made to answer your query/problem as soon as possible. However, we can not guarantee any time limitation to resolve the query/problem as we are restricted by the response of the original manufacturers for assistance and supply or parts.

16.0 If a site visit is required to discuss any specific requirements in addition to the existing specifications, or to provide training then an hourly rate will apply to cover the engineers time and travel.

17.0 Whenever material is sent for upgrades i.e. disks or CDs, there will be a minimum charge at the time to cover the cost of production (i.e. the time of engineer to produce), material, postage and packaging applicable at the time of posting. Our current charge is £5.00 + VAT, subject to annual change.

17.1 Backup material sent for loading, checking and verifying the data is correctly backed up there will be a minimum charge at the time to cover the costs involved. Our current charge is £50.00 + VAT, subject to annual change.

17.2 Whenever items are required to be shipped by a courier service (standard next day delivery) there will be a minimum charge at the time to cover the costs involved. The current charge is £25.00 + VAT, subject to annual change.

18.0 Support of hardware over 4 years is subject to annual inspection and we reserve the right not to extend license of old hardware.

18.1. After 3 years, Dell warranty extension on Servers is mandatory and you will be notified when the warranty is due for renewal. Please note that warranty can only be extended to a maximum of 5 years under this contract; after this period we will not get involved with support of servers and you will need to replace your server if it should fail.

19.0 Payment for all invoices relating to your licensing and support contract will be collected by Direct Debit/paid by BACs over 3 months, from the 1st day of month prior to the renewal date of the contract, unless confirmed otherwise. If payment is not collected by direct debit then full payment will be required by BACs/cheque on the date that the first direct debit had been scheduled.

19.1 Payment for all remaining invoices will be collected by Direct Debit and you will either be informed at the foot of the individual invoice, or by a monthly statement. As per the Direct Debit Guarantee you will be given 10 days notice, to allow you to query the invoice amount.

19.2 Payment for monthly broadband invoices will be collected by Direct Debit on 1st of every month. Please note that Broadband can be activated up to four weeks prior to installation in order for us to perform set-up and complete connection tests and you will be billed from the month of activation.  We require 1 months written notice to cancel broadband services and a termination fee will apply.

20.0 When hardware is purchased from Vet Space under ‘Comprehensive Hardware Support’ (CHS), we will liaise with the hardware supplier on your behalf to replace your hardware. If you do not have CHS you will need to contact the manufacturer direct and Vet Space does not get involved.

20.1 We will provide support for hardware whilst it is under the manufacturers warranty, hence the material will not be charged. Thereafter charges will apply. Please note that the warranty on your hardware will commence from the date that the hardware order is placed with the manufacturer and not the installation date of your system

20.2 You have the option to extend the maintenance on your hardware after the maintenance has expired if you wish to arrange this please contact our Head Office. With Dell PC’s it is normally 3 or 5 years from the date the hardware order is placed with the manufacturer.

21.0  Under ‘Comprehensive Hardware Support’ (CHS) plan, if a site visit is required our standard ‘support’ site visit charge to cover travel costs will apply. Our current ‘support’ site visit charge during working hours is £200.00 + VAT, subject to increases, i.e. fuel/inflation/miscellaneous motor vehicle taxes. ‘Out of hours’ support site visit charges are charged at a higher rate; currently £260 + VAT. If a unit needs replacing, then our ‘installation’ rate, not ‘support’ rate will apply and rates will be advised at the time. Please also note that for visits to assist with units out of warranty, our higher support rate charge will apply; currently £500 + VAT.

21.1 Hardware from Dell is purchased with 3 or 5 years on-site maintenance and in the case of hardware failure during this period, we will deal with Dell on your behalf and decide on one the following courses of action; (1) send one of our engineers on site, (2) arrange for a Dell representative to make a site visit or (3) arrange for a replacement PC by our engineers to be shipped.

21.2 If ‘Comprehensive Hardware Support (CHS) is not provided, then our standard hourly rates will apply, if a site visit is required.

22.0 Any hardware purchased through a third party will not be covered in this contract.

23.0 Any modifications to any of the hardware or software will result in the automatic cancellation of support on that part by Vet Space Ltd and there will be no notification from the company of this cancellation.

24.0 Accidental damage to the system by events such as vandalism, flooding, power surges and disturbance by any external sources will not be covered by this contract.

25.0 If Remote Support is requested by Vet Space Ltd., the customer is required to comply and the cost of broadband and equipment must be covered by the practice. Please note that Remote Support is mandatory and we can not offer support until this is available.

26.0 If Broadband is organised by Vet Space Ltd there is no guarantee of the continuity of the operation of broadband as we rely on third parties, who in turn rely on BT lines.

26.1 Vet Space Ltd requires notification by email/letter/fax if you wish to terminate the broadband service. A MAC code (if required) will be requested as soon as notification is received and you will continue to be billed for the service by Vet Space Ltd for a maximum of 30 days.

27.0 If repeated site visits are required by Vet Space to resolve issues caused due to a third party, i.e. BT, Vet Space holds no responsibility and charges will apply for each visit made.

28.0 Postcode supply (if required) is an annual fee that is required as per Royal Mail regulations and is subject to annual increases.

29.0 This contract includes the support of the following modules (if applicable/available to your practice):

VetXML Module – This module includes eClaims, Microchip registration, Online Lab

Healthcare Plan Module

Idexx Module

SMS (Texting) Module – This service is invoiced monthly at an agreed charge per text (maximum 160 characters per text), minimum monthly charge applies, per site.

Minimum of one year contract – After 1 year the minimum notice period for either party will be 3 months.

Payment for Texting will be collected by direct debit on 1st of every month

30.0 Google Docs (if applicable) will be setup initially by Vet Space; however ongoing maintenance of the account will be the customer’s responsibility. Up to 15GB is provided at no charge; however once you exceed this amount you will be billed by Google. Please visit Google.com for more information on charges.

31.0 For VOYAGER CUSTOMERS: Backup is the responsibility of the Practice unless Practice is using ‘Vet Space Safeguard’ for each site. If you require assistance with backup, please contact the support department. With external backup devices, we recommend that media is sent to Vet Space Ltd to check back up 3 times a year.

32.0 For VET SPACE CUSTOMERS WITH ‘CLOUD SERVER HOSTING’: Backup (of Vet Space database only) is carried out remotely by third-party hosting company and no intervention is required from the customer. Please be aware that other files saved on your network are not part of this backup proces

33.0 For customers on SAFEGUARD:

33.1  Vet Space Safeguard is supplied at a charge of £5.00 per Day, per Site:

33.2  Minimum contract term of 12 months from date of activation. Automatic renewal unless notice is given in writing at least 30 days prior to renewal date.

33.3  Invoices will be sent monthly (1 month in arrears). Invoices for this module will be collected by direct debit and you will be advised of the collection date on the invoice.

Use of Vet Space software constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions