Cloud Release Notes

2.3.44 - July 2017

New Features

This release contains the following new features which will be covered in more detail in sections below:
1) Reminder Scheduler
2) Scalability changes such as grid paging and automatic updates to the printing service.

We are also looking to some beta customers for our new integration with Smart Flow Sheets.
Please contact your regional manager to enquire.

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Reminder Scheduler

This new feature allows you to send reminders for patient reminders, this scheduler is setup the same way as the compliance and appointment reminder schedulers from previous versions.

Download the New Feature Document here

Settings – Show Client Pop-Up Note (9632)

The diary setting ‘Show Client Popup Note in Booking’ has been implemented

Health Care Plan

Suspended (11034)
The (Suspended) information within the HCP treatments tab has now been implemented

Outstanding Hcp Balance (10997)
Clients with outstanding HCP account balances could be deleted. This has now been restricted in the same manner as a client with an outstanding standard account balance

Suspended Animals (10537)
A date range functionality has been added to the health care suspended animals screen

Unsaved Changes (10906)
An unsaved changes alert has been implemented into the health care module

Groups Double Click (10874)
Double click has now been implemented within the health care groups grid

Percentage Restriction (10868)
Percentage values within the HCP group screen can no longer surpass 100%

Diary – Column Allowance (10934)

The diary column allowance has been increased to 15 columns

Printing – Device Profile Amendment (10097)

The device profile within the login screen, which establishes a link for Hyperion printing, now has the ability to be amended. A lock button unlocks the field for amendment

Known Issues (click to expand)
Show Discharged (11347)

Exporting to CSV with show discharged ticked is ignoring the records in the grid & produces the standard hospital list export

Next & Previous (11076)

Next & previous buttons are not returning the same surgeon view order stored within user profile

Figures Are Out By A Significant Margin (11119)

‘Figures are out by significant margin’ displays within cashing up, despite the values being exactly the same

Sorting Debtors (11124)

Sorting a column header within debtors is causing the total value fields to not calculate

Csv Export (11341)

Export to CSV within daylists is limited to 100 pages worth of results

Do Not Send Reminder Email (11165)

‘Do not send Reminder Email’ client flag does not restrict appointment reminder emails from being sent to the customer

Do Not Send Reminder Email (11164)

Do not send Reminder Email does not restrict patient reminder emails from being sent to the customer

2Nd And 3Rd Reminders (11144)

Texts are sent for 2nd & 3rd reminders

Do Not Send Flags (11155)

SMS & email patient reminder communications are sent to clients with ‘do not send any email’ & ‘do not send any text message’

Improvements and Bugs Fixed (click to expand)

Health Care Plan

Blank Row Fields (10413)
The direct debit import does not handle blank row fields

Return Payment (10402)
Attempting to return an already returned payment is generating an exception, rather than an alert

Hcp Payment (10342)
HCP payment window does not refresh the balance to match the hcp account balance when the payment is processed

1 Month Plans (10408)
The HCP balance displays as a negative value for plans with a duration of 1 month

Hcp Write Off (10756)
HCP write off records are labelled incorrectly within the hcp accounts grid

Write Off Net, Vat & Total Values (10925)
Write offs within HCP accounts are showing the amount in receipts, rather than net, VAT & receipt totals

Crediting (10757)
Crediting a HCP treatment is rounding incorrectly in certain instances

Discount Rounding (10967)
Health care discount net & VAT values incorrectly amend when edited

Write Off Report (10926)
Write offs for debit account balances are showing as negative values within the health care write offs report

Health Care Plan

Suspend/Unsuspend (10817)
Suspend/Unsuspend permissions alert does not display within the treatment HCP tab

Sales By Client (10812)
‘Health Care Sales by Client’ report is including write off’s

Duplicate Groups (10867)
Duplicate health group names cause an exception to occur

Tabbing Within Group (10869)
Tabbing is not contained within the group window & does not tab to all available options

Negative Values (10872)
Health care groups accept negative discount values

Animal Health Care (11050)
The Animal Health Care CSV drop-down option with direct debit import has been removed. This is no longer required

Hcp Receipt (9979)
The health care plan does not print receipts when processing payments

Direct Debit Month Field (10306)
‘Send’ and ‘Choose File’ buttons disappear when the month field is left blank

Prescription Hcp (10308)
Adding a prescription item to history still highlights the item as green for HCP items

Health Care Plan

Delete Group (10866)
Deleting a health care group is causing an exception to occur

Legacy Hcp (10809)
Legacy HCP information messages added

Backdated Hcp Items (9789)
Backdated health care items do not display within the HCP accounts module & do not amend allowance figures

Disabled Pay Balance Button (10834)
The disabled pay balance button becomes enabled when amending payment method for hcp payments

Hide Payment User Name (10993)
Health care statements are not adhering to setting ‘Hide Payment User Name’

Sales By Client Detailed (10775)
Net-net & net-net-net columns within the ‘Sales by Client – Detailed’ report have been removed

Dispensing Fee & Fraction Quantity (11173)
HCP treatments with dispensing fee added in draft & a fraction quantity adjustment are causing incorrect discount values to be calculated

Suspended Animals Phone Column (10864)
The suspended animals grid is not collecting the relevant phone column data

Credit Report (10329)
The health care credit report has been removed. The report related to the legacy HCP type which is no longer supported

Internal Messaging

Attachments (10777)
Attachments are wrapping incorrectly down to the next line

Large Character Messages (10747)
Large character messages are not neatly wrapping the entire word down to the next line

Patient Names (10746)
Certain patient names are dropping characters down to the next row


Addition Field (11296)
The appointment reasons paging has removed the blank addition field

Appointment Reasons (11295)
Deleting an appointment reason is causing system instability issues

Treatment Area

Link Quantity To Mileage (10566)
The code entry flag ‘Link Qty to mileage’ does not dispense according to the mileage value

Paging (10596)
Paging has been implemented into the treatment history


Tote Scan (11413)
An SQL exception occurs when scanning a tote

Duplicate Batches (11234)
Duplication of batch/order items


Health Care Grouped Items (10025)
Health care flagged children within composites are not adhering to the species flag set against the code

No Charge Child (11313)
Editing a label on a no charge composite child item is adding a cost to the treatment


Euros (€) (11227)
Statements & invoices are not handling Euros (€)

Sorting (10863)
Grid ordering (select column) is not functioning as expected with specific accounts columns.

Appointment Reminders

Paging (10853)
Appointment reminders paging is not functioning correctly

Editing Once (10969)
Editing a once automatic schedule is setting the date fields to the current date

Clinical Note

Duplicate Users (11060)
Duplicate logins are causing errors when saving clinical notes

Detail Check

Detail Confirm All Button (10936)
Detail confirm all button remains present, despite the setting containing a value of zero

Document Management

Upload Template (10938)
Upload template generation is not sending the user to the add treatment tab


Document Generation (10751)
An encoding issue occurs when generating templates with specific formatting

Price List

Rounding Deviations (10793)
A rounding issue is occurring within the price list when a price deviation is active against a code

Receipts – Customer Name (11239)

The first letter of a customer name is missing on receipts

Reporting – Invalid Date (10857)

Merlin calendar selection is not handling invalid date entries


Surgeons Drop-Down List (10954)
The surgeon drop-down list is not displaying all surgeons.

Set In Treatment For Separate Users (10240)
Set in treatment does not automatically appear for separate users

Appointment Status (11205)
Amendments are to be made relating to appointment statuses. Some arrival flags are reverting upon refresh

Set As Treated For Pre-Invoice (11315)
Do you want to set this booking as treated prompt when saving to pre-invoice is not setting the appointment as treated

Code Entry

Eqm Fractions (11046)
The EQM is allowing fractions

Composite Child Quantity (10919)
Setting the child quantity to 100 for an inherited composite item is causing a data truncation exception to occur

Hide/Unhide (11152)
Unable to hide/unhide code entry items

Duplicate New Codes (10957)
The fast track field within the treatment module displays a newly created treatment code twice in the drop-down

Hiding Composite Children (11178)
Hiding a composite child item is causing the parent composite to display twice within code entry

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