Cloud Release Notes

2.3.43 - July 2017

New Features

This release contains the following new features which will be covered in more detail in sections below:
1) Appointment Reminders
2) Client Detail Checker
3) HCP Enhancements
4) Reception Search (Referral Improvements)
5) Reminders Improvements

We are also looking to some beta customers for our new integration with Smart Flow Sheets.
Please contact your regional manager to enquire.

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Appointment Reminders

The appointment reminder scheduler has moved to the reminder section from diary and we have added a new scheduler format, this format is much easier to follow and now allows emails to be sent along with existing SMS function.

Download the New Feature Document here

Client Detail Checker

A new feature that prompts you to check a clients details on a regular basis, this allows you to collect the correct information and ensure they are still happy for continued contact from the practice.

Download the New Feature Document here

HCP Enhancements

We have continued to improve Health Care Plan with more visual improvements to help all users of the system.

Download the New Feature Document here

Reception Search (Referral Improvements)

From our Referral Improvement push, we have included 2 more search fields in reception for insurance company and policy number.

Download the New Feature Document here

Reminders Improvements

The reminder details in the patient summary has been tidied up, this now provided an easier to understand view of reminder and whether they are overdue, due or are missing.

Download the New Feature Document here


Yard Address (6462)
Patient yard address is now automatically populated with the clients address when the client categories library functionality is ticked

Code Entry

Grid Lines (9989)
Grid lines have been added to the pricing panel


Communication Statements & Invoices (10504)
Statements & invoices generated within Merlin now create records within the Client Communications tab


Manual Treatment Net (10647)
The enter net button is now available for manual treatments.


Client Labels (9305)
Client labels no longer retain blank spaces when address details are not entered within Reception

Cashing Up

Cashing Up From Date (10604)
The cashing up from date is not amended when work site is amended. This should adhere to the selected sites last cashing up date


First Name field for Reception
The first name field for clients in reception is now mandatory with a minimum of 2 characters, this change has been made to enforce the requirement for debt collection and for automatic communications such as VetXML Microchip registration.


Show Comments Clinical Notes (10847)
Clinical notes now show in statements & invoices when generated from within the show comments tab

Return Money Till (9978)
Return money now triggers the till to open

Charity Statements (6457)
Charity statements have now been added to the Accounts module

Known Issues (click to expand)
Improvements and Bugs Fixed (click to expand)

Code Entry

Dispensing Note (10914)
Focusing issue when a label dispensing note begins with a question mark

Undelete A Code Entry Item (10841)
An exception occurs when undeleting a code entry archive item

Deviation (10694)
Code entry items with a 50% price deviation increase are rounding an additional penny

Sizing Issue (10685)
Code entry maintenance experiences a sizing issue when multiple code tabs are opened

Overwrite Child Item (10533)
Overwrite price child items within composites are decreasing the net value when the quantity of the item is increased

Drag & Drop (10531)
Dispensing notes cannot be dragged and dropped into differing view orders

Net-Net & Net-Net-Net (10526)
Net-net & net-net-net are inconsistently calculating the gross value

Sell As Whole Pack Net-Net & Net-Net-Net (10479)
Sell as whole pack is collecting the net cost when treating, rather than applying the net-net or net-net-net costs that are set within code entry

Manufacturer Discount (10443)
Net-net value does not apply if the manufacturer discount (net-net-net) is missing

Hide/Unhide (10147)
Site names can now be clicked within the hide/unhide window, rather than having to tick the box located on the left of the site name

Discount Child Items (10665)
Discount child items are increasing the composite totals within code entry, rather than reducing them

Destock Only Quantity Field (10484)
Unable to edit the quantity field for a destock only child item within a composite

Health Care Plan

Write Offs (10961)
Write offs are increasing the debtors balance, rather than reducing the balance

Return Money (10886)
Return money within HCP accounts is not returning the payment

Suspend/Unsuspend (10833)
Unable to suspend/unsuspend health care plans, despite user permissions to do so

Plan Length (10739)
Once a plan has passed its plan length, write offs, payments & return payments do not display in the HCP accounts grid

Print Statement After Payment (10615)
Print statement after payment setting for HCP accounts is printing a statement for all HCP patients, which includes the main accounts balance

Return Money For Write Off (10613)
Return payment for write off’s is active & causes statement to display negative value

Reverse End Plan (10444)
Joining a new plan, then returning to the previous plan is not reducing the HCP allowance but instead applying the cost to the ended plan

Returned Direct Debit (10412)
HCP DD imports was not handling the returned payment methods within HCP accounts

Ended Plan Balance (10409)
Ended health care plans are not zeroing the payments balance

Duplicate Imports (10009)
Duplicate direct debit imports have now been restricted

Join Hcp (9913)
Join HCP does not automatically turn the relevant patient green in the reception patient grid

Multiple Plans (8984)
A patient can be joined to multiple plans via HCP accounts

Ended Plan Statements (10411)
Ended health care plans are incorrectly disabling the statement button


Date Range & Monetary (10844)
Credits are not adhering to the booking date submitted by the user and are entered with the current date.

End & Re-Join A Plan (10823)
Incorrect message shown when re-joining an ended plan. Stops the re-join process.

Till Without Mapping (10403)
Payment shows till opening despite no Till mapping within devices > printers library. A RHS information message has been implemented to inform the user that the till has not been configured

Returning A Donation (10284)
A returned donation is considered as a returned payment

Selected Return Payments (10027)
Return Payment screen is not refreshing for subsequent clients leaving details pre-populated.

Multi Animal To Multi Invoice (8229)
Multi animal should change to multi invoice when selecting multiple account line items

No Destock (10483)
No destock items are returned to stock when deleted/credited

Accounting Period Alert (9638)
Prompt to show the accounting period alert is showing before the site selection.


No Bold In Diary Entries (9922)
The setting ‘no bold in diary entries’ has been removed. This setting is not required, entries will show in bold.

In-Treatment Colouring (10502)
Set in-treatment colouring differs between the Daylist & diary modules

Week View Surgeon (10432)
Amending a surgeon within the week view tab is retaining the previous surgeons’ availability

Additional Appointment Cells (10130)
Additional appointment cell selection causes an exception to occur

Available/Unavailable (9900)
Making slots available/unavailable reloads the entire diary module, rather than the selected surgeon


In-Treatment From Reception (10624)
Set in-treatment does not refresh the Daylist module when navigation to the treatment module is initiated from the Reception module

Exclude Discounts (10467)
Exclude discounts functionality is not adhered to within view history (Right Click Appointment)

Additional Paging (9902)
Amending an appointment status within additional paging is removing the appointment from the list

Refresh (11051)
Enhancements have been made to the way that Daylist modules refresh


Transfer Payments (11049)
Multiple transfer payments are not collected within debtors’ statements. It is only displaying a singular record

Email A Debtors Multi Invoice Is Causing An Exception To Occur (10905)
Email debtors multi invoice is generating an error stopping progress.

Merge Field (10123)
Debtors merge fields do not display the final decimal value when the value is zero. Therefore, £1.50 displays as £1.5

Unable To Receive Updates (8213)
A spelling error within an atmosphere alert has been corrected


All Referral & First Opinion Reports (11141)
All Referral Practices & All First Opinion Practices reports produce an error

Sales By Client – Detailed (10640)
The plan start date column data is blank for the health care report ‘Health Care Sales by Client – Detailed’

First Opinion Practitioner (10328)
The first opinion practitioner drop-down field is blank

Referral Practitioner (10332)
The referral practitioner drop-down field is blank


Register Date (10750)
Despite the client register date being set to the current date, a message displays stating that the register date is not set to the current date. An exception then occurs

Patient Focus (10364)
Patient selection is not retained within Reception when selecting patient data within the diary & Daylist modules

Client Notes (10317)
No data has been loaded alert shows despite data being present

Treatment Area

Email Consent (11063)
An exception occurs when emailing consent forms

Rounding Deviation (10544)
A rounding issue occurs when applying deviations within the code entry module

Surgeon Name (10387)
The surgeon name is not being applied to weight records


M Indicator Retained (10524)
The M indicator for memos is retained when data is cleared & saved

First Opinion Vet (10463)
Once a first opinion vet is added to a diary appointment, the data cannot be removed

Appointment Date (9880)
The appointment date is not adhered to when using document management and clinical notes from the history tab.

Document Management

Encrypted (10724)
Documents generated via treatment/reception/reminders/debtors are in an encrypted format

Unused Merge Fields (10462)
Unused merge fields are displaying the merge field name


Time Element (10426)
The time element within the invoice date window is not adhered to

Invoice Date Time Field (10425)
The invoice date time field drop-down does not activate unless the existing data is removed


Minimum Password Requirement (10122)
Minimum password length states the requirement is 7 characters but the true value is 12. This information window has been updated

Roles Unticked Sites (9810)
Unticked sites within roles can still be accessed by restricted users

Smart Flow

Gender Selection (10790)
An exception occurs when selecting a gender within the Smart Flow patient window

System Wide

Sorting (3635)
Sorting columns in ascending or descending order has been implemented within various high priority modules. This improvement is ongoing

Transfer Patient

Transfer Patient Refresh (10290)
Refreshing the transfer patient window causes an exception to occur

Price List

Mark-Up & Deviation (10897)
Mark-ups & deviations are not handled correctly for sell as whole pack items

Report Wizard

Email (10846)
An exception occurs when emailing specific clients

User Profile

Exclude Discounts User Profile (11068)
Exclude discounts does not automatically refresh the history grid when the user profile method is disabled


Number/Name Exception (10540)
VetXML is generating an exception when a claim is received with a blank number/name in the clients address


Blank Weight Chart (10962)
The weight chart is intermittently loading as blank


Order Totals (10300)
Order totals are not considering the paging element in the calculation


Address Book (11078)
Daylists are not collecting the relevant address book data


Delete Im (10668)
Deleting a message from the internal messaging deleted items folder does not work on first deletion attempt

Global Price Update

Mark-Up (10733)
Processing a global price update mark-up is dividing the value you are entering by 100

Labs Internal

Communication Config (10590)
Idexx Interlink Communication Config resets back to its default state when the user exits the window


Site Vat (11098)
Unable to amend site default VAT values


History (10134)
Login history displays no data for all sites filter


Units (10584)
A spelling amendment has been applied to the column ‘units’


Gender Library (10391)
Genders can be unassigned from a species without restriction despite being assigned to a patient, which subsequently amends stored patient data

Patient, Treatment Area

Alter Sex Exception (10950)
An exception occurs when altering the sex of a patient

Appointment Reminders

Compliance Stops Appointment Reminders (11143)
Sending a compliance text message is restricting appointment text messages from being sent when manually sending compliance reminders then manually sending appointment reminders.


Site List (10341)
Site drop-down list expands when entering a contact ID

Daily Cash

Account Type Filter (10979)
The account type filter does not amend the data within the grid


Client Discounts (10388)
The client discounts module is duplicating records each time it is run & also stores the new value against the client

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