Cloud Release Notes

2.3.41 - April 2017

New Features

This release contains the following new features which will be covered in more detail in sections below:
1) Add Weight from Waiting List
2) Drag and Drop Document Management
3) Email Improvements
4) Health Care Plan - Enhancements
5) Referral Improvements

We are also looking to some beta customers for our new integration with Smart Flow Sheets,which is available from this build.
Please contact your regional manager to enquire.

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Add Weight from Waiting List

An add weight option has been added to the waiting list.
This is available via right click or an add weight button.

Download the New Feature Document here

Drag and Drop Document Management

It is now possible to drag and drop files from your folder direct to the history of the patient.

Download the New Feature Document here

Email Improvements

Improvements to the email functionality within the system including Contact Lists and automatic conversion of word documents to PDF.

Download the New Feature Document here

Health Care Plan - Enhancements

Various Improvements to Health Care Plan useability and configuration has been added to assist Administrator and users alike, please see the documentation for full details.

Download the New Feature Document here

Referral Improvements

A few improvements have been made to make the referral module more accessible and improve information access.

Download the New Feature Document here

Centaur Improvements

We have included 2 new options with integration with Centaur, import the order made through MyCentaur and a simplified process for receiving all your orders with a single tote scan.

Download the New Feature Document here

Known Issues (click to expand)


Unabandon Item (10299)
Unabandon item does not function correctly

Merlin Icon

We haven’t added our new Desktop Icon Yet

Bugs fixed - Patch 2 [2.3.41-12]


Appointment Reasons (10611)
A large amount of appointment reasons data is causing performance issues to occur

Daylist Practitioner (10602)
When creating/editing an appointment, the day list practitioner drop down only displays surgeons with availability for the current date

Available Times Only (10007)
Unable to book appointments when the diary view is set to show available times only

Treatment Label

Labelling (10014)
Non-HTML labelling is not displaying the commence date on the printed label

Treatment Area

Vat (10658)
Treatments are showing with a VAT value of zero, despite having VAT applied within code entry

Sell As Whole Pack Batch (10003)
Return a sell as whole pack treatment item to a separate stock centre is causing incorrect batch stock levels to be registered


Notification (9959)
Printing documents in Daylists is generating an incorrect notification


Atmosphere (10648)
Atmosphere disconnection alert message is not removed when the atmosphere reconnects


Locked User (10528)
User gets locked out without warning or the ability to reset the password

Report Wizard

Paging Wizard (10558)
Texts sent from within the report wizard do not send when the data populates over multiple pages

Patient Reminders

Paging Reminders (10612)
Text reminders do not send when the data populates over multiple pages


Breed Wildcard (10451)
The breed wildcard search is automatically populating the field with the first option

Bugs fixed - Patch 1 [2.3.41-7]


Statements Generated (10504)
Statements generated for a client are not displaying within the clients’ communication tab


Appointment Date (9880)
The appointment date is not being adhered to when adding treatment items directly from the history tab

Enterprise Reports

Long Description (10439)
Treatment items with a long description of 50+ characters are not being returned within the report wizard module

Document Management

Unused Merge Fields (10462)
Un-used merge field are displaying the merge field name, as opposed to a blank space


Client Discounts (10388)
Client discounts are duplicating records each time it is run & storing the new value


Week View (9310)
Diary week view does not display the relevant appointment flag colouring, such as treated or cancelled


No Destock Items (10483)
No destock items are returned to stock when deleted/credited


View Claim (10371)
VetXML view claim returns no data

Treatment Area

Barcode (9854)
The barcode window opens for separate treatments when the original process is cancelled


Monthend Reports (10330)
Category summary by item date & category summary by invoice date reports do not return the relevant report data

Health Care Plan

Health Care Credit (10404)
HCP credit value is being multiplied by the quantity value

Returning To Previous Plan (10444)
Joining a new plan, then returning to the previous plan is not reducing the HCP allowance but instead applying the cost to the ended plan


Abandoned Items (10343)
An abandoned order item is being added as a new order item when the original order is received

Tote Scanning (10302)
When Tote scanning from the order details panel, duplicate orders are being created


Prescription Item (9663)
Prescription items are returned to stock within accounts module

Paid Status (10465)
The appointment paid status is not displaying within Daylists, due to the set in-treatment status

Discount Deletion (10420)
An exception occurs when deleting a discount line item against a returned for negative balance record within the accounts module

Code Entry

Net-Net (10443)
Net-net value does not apply if manufacturer discount is missing

Positive Net-Net-Net (9752)
Positive net-net-net is acting like a negative net-net-net within the code entry module & applies the cost within the treatment module

Sell As Whole Pack Net-Net & Net-Net-Net (10479)
Sell as whole pack is collecting the net cost, rather than net-net or net-net-net costs that are set against the code

Bugs Fixed and Amendments (click to expand)

Treatment Area

Composites With Branch Children (9609)
Branch site composite child items still generate the composite window for main site treatments

Repeats Patient Selection (9620)
Amending patient within the repeats tab is amending the entire treatment module patient focus

Send To Note (9266)
When edited, the clinical note for a send to record causes an invalid protocol exception to occur

Surgeon Priority (10062)
Surgeon priorities are not following the set rule
1. Selected surgeon.
2. User’s surgeon

3. Daylist practitioner

4. First surgeon from the list

Weight Record (9286)
Surgeon name not being attached to weight

Sell As Whole Pack Batch (10003)
Returning a sell as whole pack item to a separate stock centre is producing incorrect batch stock levels

Edit Batch Data (9829)
Edit batch data is removing label dispensing note data

Fast Track Load (9129)
Fast track does not load a code if it is added in separate instances

Wholesale Added Batch Data (9895)
A wholesale added batch is not available within the edit batch data functionality

Barcode Cursor Focus (9881)
Barcode from treatment history is placing the cursor focus in the fast track, rather than the barcode field

Paging (10418)
Documents grid paging is not being utilised


Focus Remains For ‘no’ Field When Amending To User Defined (7796)
When attempting to save an accounting period with user defined, it states that period is required. This is due to it retaining focus on the no. field within days & weeks

Negative Monetary Refunds (10068)
Negative monetary refunds are not restricted

Slave Stock Centre Is Not Considered When Crediting Items (10309)
When crediting an account item, the slave stock centre the item was destocked from is not considered. The main stock centre is incorrectly selected

Daily Cash Refreshing (10095)
Daily cash data does not automatically refresh when time is amended

Crediting An Item (9957)
Crediting an item within accounts and not returning to stock is retaining allowance reduction

Accounts Statements Date Selection (9700)
Accounts statements date selection only collects current date data

Processing Multiple Client Discount Records Creates Null Invoices (9740)
Processing multiple client discounts is causing the previous discount record to print a null invoice

Sage Style Statements (9201)
Sage style statements have been removed from within the accounts module

Health Care Plan

Suspending Hcp (9837)
Suspending a HCP is removing the health care balance

Health Care Future Join Date (9787)
Health care with a future join date still receives discount

Discount Zeroing (10001)
Editing a HCP item in draft with a separate patient selected is zeroing the discount

Suspended Plans Reporting (9543)
Suspended plans are not collecting balance values within reports suspended animals

Health Care Composites (9835)
Health care child items within composites are not collecting the relevant HCP discount

Hcp First Payment (10344)
HCP first payments are being estimated differently between HCP accounts & hcp treatments


Show Available Times Only (10007)
Unable to book appointments when Diary View is show available times only

Yard Address (9634)
Yard address tick functionality within libraries for client categories is not collecting the client address when yard details are not present

Daylist Refresh – Track Current Time (10160)
Users are automatically refreshed to the top of the Daylist screen when activity occurs elsewhere

Appointment Duration (10360)
Appointment duration now retains a differing reason value, rather than resetting to the default value

Diary Week View (9310)
Diary week view does not display appointment flag colouring

Treat Date As Booking Date (10392)
The setting ‘treat date as booking date’ is not functioning correctly


Add Ability To Change The Batch Tote Import Quantity (10268)
Batch quantity can be amended during tote scan process. Batch expiry & batch number editing is now restricted

Import Orders (9516)
Import orders for centaur is not functioning correctly when only a singular item is in the order

Return Item (10108)
Return item for a tote scanned batch related code is causing an exception to occur

Tote Scan Against An Order (10098)
Tote scanning against an order is duplicating stock levels

Manual Order Additional Items (8227)
Unable to add additional items to a manual order once the order has been saved

Treatment Label

Edited Description (9983)
Edited description does not show/print in label

Amending The Prescribed By Surgeon/Dispensed By Surgeon (10144)
Treatment label – Amending the prescribed by surgeon/dispensed by surgeon is overwriting the separate surgeon data

Treatment Label (10143)
Incorrectly printing duplicate number of labels.

Commence Date (10014)
Labels are not displaying the commence date


Prescription Exception (9103)
Saving a prescription item before the tinymce window generates is causing an exception to occur

Prescription Items Edit Label (9606)
Prescription items can have labels edited, allowing separate dispensing data to be added

Calculate Quantity Tabbing (9963)
Calculate quantity incorrectly amends the quantity for a repeat prescription label via tabbing without any changes being committed


Add Patient From Add Client (10139)
Add new client navigates user to the add patient tab but all of the fields are locked

Typing Address After Drop-Down List Populates Is Selecting The Top Drop-Down (9242)
First town option is automatically selected after the field is cleared

Clipper Within Treatment Module (9692)
Selecting a separate patient whilst in the history of a different patient is adding all treatment data to the clipper selected patient


Printing Documents Within Daylists (9959)
An incorrect notification generates each time a document is printed within the Daylists module

Daylist Surgeon Amendment (9353)
Amending day list surgeons is incorrectly requiring a manual refresh for the relevant surgeons’ data to display

View History (9314)
Amendments have been committed to the view history window within the Daylists module


Debtors Insurance Column (9536)
Clients with an active treatment insurance now display with a tick

Printing Invoices (10298)
Printing invoices from within debtors is causing an exception to occur

Debtors Includes Non In Patient Charge Treatments When Emailing The Client (9701)
If a client record exists with an in-patient charge, all clients receive an in-patient charge


Copy And Paste Html Text (9050)
Copying & pasting HTML text is not activating the save button

Change Default Treatment Area To Save The Name Instead Of The Description (9868)
Default treatment area is collecting the description, rather than the name

Remove Setting – Weight In Kg (8999)
The setting ‘weight in KG’ has been removed

Batch Traceability

Cannot Save Values As A Batch Number Is Empty (9805)
An alert shows stating that batch numbers cannot be empty. However, the record is still created and assigned to the code

Returning Batch Stock To A Slave Stock Centre Is Creating A Duplicate Batch Record (10017)
When removing stock & returning to a slave stock centre, it is duplicating the batch data, rather than transferring the batch data

Duplicate Batches (10368)
Batch records are duplicated when editing a treatment label stored within a patients history


Milab Select Patient (10169)
Selecting a patient within milab is causing an exception to occur

Milab Client Data (9527)
Milab does not collect the relevant client name & address data


Modify Patient (10145)
Modifying patient empties the colour field

Patient Reminders

Reminder Scheduler (10119)
An exception occurs when creating a reminder scheduler for site ‘all’


Multiple Discounts For Same Treatment Item Are Not Recalculating (10086)
Multiple discounts for the same treatment item are not recalculating when the item is edited


Estimate Batch Items (9885)
Batch items saved to estimate at a separate site is not collecting the current site batch data when saved to draft

Hospital List

Hospital Duration (10111)
Hospital duration sets to zero, despite the appointment reason having a set value

Internal Messaging

Internal Messaging Patient Tab (9791)
Additional patient tab navigations fail to load the relevant patient data


Appointment Label (10085)
Printing an appointment label is printing an additional blank label

Branch Transfer

Unexpected Error (9926)
An exception occurs whilst accessing the branch transfer functionality within the stock control module

Charity, Debtors

Charity Statements Do Not Print (9890)
Printing statements from Debtors for charity clients is not generating the specific charity statement type


Consent Form Blank (9975)
Consent forms are not collecting the relevant data when generated from a patients’ history

Create Monthly Invoices

Create Monthly Invoices Loses Its Surgeons When Visiting Code Entry (10406)
Navigation to the code entry module is causing a surgeon load issue within the create monthly invoices module


Save Issue For Appointment Reason Categories (10124)
Amending the category for an appointment reason record is not adjusting the stored record

Send To

Display Specialist Surgeons In Surgeons List (10127)
Activating the setting ‘display special surgeons in the surgeon list’ is adding all specialist surgeon types to specific Daylists

Stock Control

Barcode Reader (9853)
The barcode reader within the treatment module links with the stock transfer barcode window, causing windows to incorrectly link between the two modules


Vetxml Paging (8866)
VetXML paging greys out for singular page results & does re-activate for multiple pages

Merlin Easter Egg

Happy Easter Holidays 2017 from Vet Space Development


Add Weight Enter Button (10237)
Enter button not working for add weight panel from within the waiting list

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