Cloud Release Notes

2.3.35 - September 2016

New Features

This release contains the following new features which will be covered in more detail in sections below:
1) Document Management Template Upload
2) Report Wizard
3) Health Care Plan Accounts Module

Bugs and Enhancements

We have fixed over 115 issues in this release including corrections to workflow, background maintenance and some good bug spray was applied to clear some troublesome hotspots.

Full details below the New Features.

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Document Management Template Upload

The new template method allows you to create templates in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer to be uploaded to Vet Space.
Once uploaded the templates will generate into a PDF on screen in the browser ready for printing as if you had generated the document on your local computer using Word or Writer.

To use this new template method, you only need Microsoft Office or LibreOffice installed on the machine doing the template creation; the generating of the document is done in the cloud.

Download the New Feature Document here

Report Wizard

The report wizard has been implemented into Vet Space with a few differences if you have used it before in our On Premise solution Voyager.

A quick video shows the differences:

Download the New Feature Document here

Health Care Plan Accounts

The new Health Care Plan accounts screen is designed to make managing the account simple and easier to understand the activity of the plan for each patient, and manage all account and plan status changes from one screen for the client.

Download the New Feature Document here

Known Issues (click to expand)
Accounts (8797)
The accounting period is looking at the item date, rather than the invoice date, Fixed in release 2.3.37.

Compliance Reminders (8602)
The compliance reminder automatic schedule list does not register an all sites schedule & a singular site schedule with the same values as duplicate schedules, Fixed in release 2.3.37

Bugs fixed in Patch 1 (2.3.35-13)

Debtors/ Patient Reminders

Print letters/Chase up letters (9250)
Processing print letters from within the reminders module or chase up letters from within the debtors’ module is causing an exception to occur


Appointment flags (9003)
Diary status flags are not displaying for newly created appointments

Document Management

Add new attachment (9249)
Adding a new attached image to a tiny mce document is causing an exception to occur

Bugs fixed in Patch 2 (2.3.35-15)


Claims (9391)
Claims for treatments which include a percentage in the description are failing, causing an error to occur when generating the claims form

Bugs fixed in Patch 3 (2.3.35-21)


VetXML E-Claim History not sending (9474)
VetXML E-Claim History not sending

Handle Special Characters (9457)
Handle Special Character like pound sign on setting http message length

Treatment Label

Address for Labels (9477)
The mailing address of the client was not being used for the treatment label.

Calculate quantity (9466)
The calculate prompt was not appearing when it should have in the workflow.


There are no invoices to print – Monthly invoices (9464)
Create Monthly Invoices was incorrectly providing the message that there are no invoices to be printed

Bugs fixed in Patch 4 (2.3.35-23)

Treatment Label

Species (9531)
Species data is not collected & displayed when printing treatment labels

Bugs Fixed (Initial Release) (click to expand)

Stock Control

Exception Via Stock Centres (8916)
An exception occurs when navigating from the stock centres feature to the stock control module

Stock Centres/Treatment Area

Stock Centre Selection (8645)
The stock centre is now read-only within the treatment label window. This coincides with the introduction of the stock centre drop-down option within the add treatment fast track menu

Price Deviation

Site Drop-Down (8956)
Price deviation is only providing the user with the logged in site as an option, rather than all client sites

Internal Messaging

Add Patient Link (6121)
Add patient link is incorrectly creating multiple IM instances


Clinical Note (5677)
Unable to delete insurance from a clinical note


Login History (7834)
Login history under utilities-logs has now been implemented

Compliance Reminders

Running Compliance (8619)
Running the compliance reminder module is causing a continuous load to be performed

Email & Sms Merge Fields (9156)
Maintenance has been completed on the merge fields within email & SMS for compliance reminders


Exception (8944)
Child items within an estimate can be deleted whilst the header record is retained. When attempting to save this record to draft, an exception occurs

Invalid Patient Selected (8572)
An invalid patient selected warning alert displays when attempting to save an estimate to draft


Waiting List In Treatment (6635)
The waiting time is retained when the appointment is set as ‘in-treatment’

Unarrived Waiting Time (8899)
A waiting time of 1 minute displays for patients who have not been set as arrived


Client Patient Details (7217)
The report ‘client patient details’ has been removed from within the marketing report category

Client Bank Account Details (7214)
The report ‘client bank accounts details’ has been removed from within the accounting report category

Sales By Surgeon Summary (8615)
The sales by surgeon summary report is not collecting the required data


Duplicate Additional Names (8312)
Adding duplicate additional names to a patient is causing an exception to occur

Deleted Microchipped Patient (8922)
Unable to undelete a deleted patient with a stored microchip number

Blank Species & Breed (6505)
When saving a patient without filling in the species & breed fields, the fields are now populated with unknown


Horizontal Scroll Bar (8889)
Maintenance has been completed regarding libraries requiring horizontal scroll bars

Duplicate Breeds (8676)
Duplicate breeds can be added to libraries & are not restricted

Blank First Names (8376)
First opinion practitioners saved with blank first names display as null


Client Sites (8738)
An exception occurs when the client site filter category is left blank upon running the debtors

Debt Level Reset (8888)
The debt level is not reset when clearing the debtors

Credit Statement (8757)
Unable to email a credit statement

Document Management

Double Click Tiny Mce Document (8806)
Double clicking on a tiny MCE document is opening the document in a preview state, rather than the edit window

First Opinion Merge Fields (8280)
The first opinion merge fields are not collecting the relevant data

Emailed Attachments (8941)
Emailed document attachments are not being received in a HTML format

Delete Document Prompt (6676)
The following prompt ‘Do you want to delete template ““.doc?’ has now been implemented


Additional Documentation (8309)
Within the right click new attachment functionality within VetXML, the user is unable to select additional documentation to attach to the claim. Only the top document can be selected

Veterinary Fees Claim Form (8321)
Maintenance has been carried out on the veterinary fees claim form within VetXML. This includes resolving an issue with financial field where the values collected were for the clients account balance, rather than the insurance claim total

Customer Name (9183)
Customer name is incorrectly populated within the financial section of the veterinary claims form

Patient Insurance Plan (9200)
The patient insurance plan set within patient details is not collected upon first load of the program


Sites-Sites (8113)
Horizontal scroll bar has been implemented into the sites window

Accounts-Apply Expired Early Settlement Discount (7965)
The permission ‘accounts – apply expired early settlement discount’ has now been implemented

Remove User (7029)
Removing a user from within the security module is causing the system to become unresponsive

Roles Are Not Present (8824)
The roles for a selected user within the security module are not displaying within the dual list


Specialist Surgeon With Time Slot (7532)
Adding a diary note to a specialist surgeon with available time slots is sending the note to the top of the appointment list

Consolidation Days’ Check (6803)
The setting ‘consolidation days’ check’ has now been implemented

Editing Diary Note (7533)
The required right click menu option is not generated for diary notes when added to a specialist surgeon with available time slots

Show Memo Pop-Up In Daylists (6652)
The following two settings ‘show memo popup in Daylists (after payment)’ & ‘show memo popup in Daylists (before payment)’ have now been implemented

Automatically Print Accounts Invoice On Save For Treat Discounted Items (7431)
When saving a 100% treat discounted treatment item to history, a null invoice is generated

Appointment Length (7574)
The set appointment length within settings is restricting values less than the set amount. This should behave as a suggested length & not as a restriction


Error Getting Patient Details (8390)
An error occurred for patient data when the preferred surgeon selected for the patient was not available at the logged in site

Saved Registered Date (8299)
Editing a saved registered date is always defaulting to the current date

Amending Compliance Reminder Date (8444)
Amending a compliance reminder date to before the first saved date is causing the newly amended reminder to not display within patient summary

Patient Id (8949)
Patient ID search is not working when logged in at branch sites

Client Notes (6696)
Client notes become read only after 24 hours has now been implemented

Client Account Category Alert (6043)
Client categories written off & bad debtors now generate the warning prompt before navigation to treatment module is successful

No Current Selected Animal (8439)
Navigating to the patient reminders tab is displaying the following information message ‘No current selected animal to load patient compliance reminder’

Pre-Invoice, Treatment Area

Manually Edit Date (8977)
Item date can be manually edited to a date range outside of the accounting period


Maintenance (7501)
Maintenance within the archive tab within the treatment module has been completed


Dispensing Fee Totals (8983)
The composite treatment window is not displaying the net, VAT & total correctly


Write Off (8682)
Calculation amendment. When the VAT is amended, the gross value remains the same & the net value is calculated

Delete Refund For Reminder (8526)
Deleting a refund for a reminder treatment is not reactivating the reminder

Crediting Discounted Item (8569)
An allocation issue occurs when crediting a discounted treatment item with a dispensing fee

Negative Discounts (8148)
Negative discounts are accepted within the monetary discounts tab & pre-defined discount entries are accepted and is resulting in allocation issues

Change Invoice Date With Default (8242)
The change invoice date functionality is not adhering to the set accounting period when the default ‘Invoice date only to be after consolidation date and allow item dates to be in any range’ is ticked

Backdated Payments (7236)
The following alert ‘This payment will not appear in today’s daily cash’ has now been implemented

Euthanasia Item (9062)
Euthanasia items cannot be deleted within the accounts module

Advanced Payment Manual Allocation (8734)
An exception is occurring when attempting to manually allocate an advanced payment. Additionally, this restricts further payments from being processed for the client

Monetary Discounts Manual Allocation (8547)
Manual allocation of monetary discounts is not functioning correctly

Monetary Credit Information Line (8032)
‘The entered amount will be applied to each selected total’ information line has been added to the monetary credits tab

Change Invoice Date Modified Date (8849)
Amending the change invoice date is also amending the modified date for the accounting item

Change Invoice Date For Past Accounting Items (8230)
The change invoice date functionality window is not restricted for accounting items outside of the accounting period & an exception occurs when selecting the current date

Return Money For Negative Balance Exception (8550)
An exception occurs stating ‘the net + vat does not equal the total’ when returning money for a negative balance

Code Entry

Edit Discount Amount Item (8469)
An exception occurs when editing a discount amount treatment item

Edit & Save (8563)
Unable to edit & save code entry treatment items

Dispensing Notes (8330)
The addition of multiple duplicate dispensing notes is causing an exception to occur

New Template (8448)
Selecting the new template option within code entry templates is not activating the create button

Pricing Value (9033)
The pricing panel is retaining previous values when edited

Exception Composite Items (8583)
An exception occurs whilst retrieving composite child items

Hide/Unhide (8270)
The hide/unhide functionality is not adhering to the selected ticked sites & either hides or un-hides all sites, regardless of selection

Default Client Category (8334)
The set sites default client category is not being collected within the code entry module

Inherited Composite (8271)
Inheriting a composite with an existing child item already added to the current composite is causing an exception to occur

Treatment Area

Charity No Vat (8838)
Charity no VAT is not applying to manual treatments

Enter Net Calculation (8386)
Enter net functionality within the treatment window is rounding by two decimals

Composite Cancel Prescription (8056)
Cancelling the child prescription treatment process within a composite is not returning the user to the treatment label window

Manual Treatment Clinical Code (7931)
Manual treatment items are not collecting the clinical code data set within the add treatment fast track

Prescript Button (8829)
The prescript button within historical treatment label items has now been disabled

Assigning Barcodes (7932)
The ability to assign barcodes to treatments via the barcode treatment button has now been disabled. All barcode entries will be processed in Code Entry

Document Management Fast Track Patient (7930)
Saving a document management item to draft is losing the amended fast track patient focus & is returning to the current patient’s history

Surgeon List Prompt For Estimates & Pre-Invoice (7991)
Saving treatment items to estimates or pre-invoice is not generating the surgeon list prompt when the default ‘show surgeon list after treating’ is ticked

Logged In Site Differs To Work Site (8646)
Unable to edit a treatment label within treatment history if the logged in site differs to the treatment labels work site

Hidden Items Via Barcode (7933)
Hidden treatment items can still be added to draft via the barcode functionality

Specific Species Treatment Items (8012)
Treatment items with a specific species set in code entry can still be added to all species types when the item exists within a composite

Backdated Document Alert (8871)
When a treatment item exists within draft which is outside of the current accounting period, the alert ‘cannot add new item as backdated document item(s) exist’ incorrectly displays

Multiple Dispensing Fee (7901)
When adding a multiple dispensing fee item to draft, the dispensing fee selection window is not displaying the price value

Patient Reminders

Show Inactive (8310)
Ticking ‘show inactive’ is unlocking all reminder fields

Text Or Print Exception (8685)
An exception occurs when texting or printing for reminder records


Multiple Supplier Codes (8361)
The multiple supplier codes window closes after first supplier code selection

Auto Add (9071)
The auto-add functionality removes a wholesale item if it already exists within the created order


Generate Document (8531)
Prescribing a prescription treatment item is not generating the document but returning the user to the label window

Prescribe Exception (8432)
An exception occurs whilst prescribing a prescription treatment item

Treatment Label

Data Retained (8815)
The treatment label window is retaining previous data values entered into the dispensing notes field, the commencing date field & the print quantity field

Edit Label Clinical Code (8818)
Editing a treatment label is removing the associated clinical code

Minimum Charge, Net Dispensing Fee & Net Cost (8840)
The treatment label window is not populating the relevant data within the minimum charge, net dispensing fee & net cost fields

Calculate Quantity (8819)
The calculate quantity functionality within the treatment label is not working

Additional Information Field (8924)
Editing a treatment label within draft, pre-invoice or history is resetting the amended additional information data to the default value stored within code entry

Calculate Quantity For Repeat Prescription (9155)
The calculate quantity functionality within the treatment label is incorrectly adjusting the quantity of a repeat prescription treatment item

Repeat For Today & Reprint Label And Dispense (9168)
The repeat for today & reprint label and dispense functionalities within the treatment module are not retaining the treated label data but are always recollecting the latest label data from within code entry


Day Note (8837)
Adding a day note, deleting a day note & then re-adding a new day note is not storing the latest note

Repeat Prescription Surgeon (8970)
An exception occurs when selecting a repeat prescription reason for an appointment

Time Format (7225)
Time fields allow the user to add values greater than two digits. Free text has now been disabled

Delete Note/Mark As Unavailable (7411)
Deleting specialist surgeon notes or marking appointment slots as unavailable is not automatically refreshing the diary

Pre-Invoice In-Treatment Status (8725)
The ‘in-treatment’ status is maintained when saving treatment items to pre-invoice. Setting ‘set in-treatment once first item is selected’ is ticked for this scenario

Estimate ‘In-Treatment’ Status (8556)
Patients’ with treatment items stored within estimates are being set as ‘in-treatment’ when appointments are created

Appointment Notes (8721)
Incorrect right click menu options are generated when an appointment has an appointment note stored

Health Care Plan

Write Off Gross Value (8710)
An exception occurs when writing off a health care plan balance. ‘The net + the VAT does not equal the total’

Future Payments (8978)
Health care plan payments can be processed in the future & are therefore not adhering to the accounting period restriction

Renewal Date (7417)
The health care reporting tab is not collecting the renewal date data

End Time (7415)
Editing a health care plan is setting the end time to 00:00:00

Hcp Discounts In Estimates (8990)
HCP treatment items added to estimates are ignoring the allowance rule & can be added continuously with the discount value being honoured

Multiple Hcp Items In Estimates (8398)
Adding multiple lines of health care discounted items to estimates is causing the system to become unresponsive when saving back to draft

Hcp Discount Adjusted When Saving From Estimates (9026)
HCP discounted value is incorrectly adjusting when the treatment is saved to draft from estimates


Edit Label Exception (8696)
An exception occurs when editing labels within pre-invoice

Don’T Show Invoice Date Prompt (9064)
Ticking the default ‘Don’t show invoice date prompt’ is still generating the prompt

Save Item Outside Of Accounting Period (8864)
An exception occurs when attempting to save a treatment item outside of the accounting period to pre-invoice

Edit Label Zeroes Values (8921)
Editing the quantity of a treatment item label is zeroing the cost of the treatment item

Microchip Registration (9098)
Microchips are not registering when a chip treatment item is saved to pre-invoice

Invoice Date & Fast Track Item Date (9058)
The invoice date is adhering to the fast track set item date & not the treatments item date

Treatment Group Exception (9074)
Saving a treatment item to pre-invoice with a set treatment group is causing an exception to occur

Alter Sex & Hcp Items (8669)
An exception occurs when emptying alter sex & HCP items from pre-invoice

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