Meet Our New Sales Team

We understand that your world is changing, where once being a veterinary professional was all about patient care and business administration was a smaller part of the job. Today the business element is increasingly complex and time-consuming for your practice. We believe that you as our customer want a service partner who can help you manage your business and allow you to get on with what you do best – caring for pets and animals.

Business Strategy

It has been our long term plan as a business to move forward to allow us to be the best service partner for you. In order to do this we have been integrating our sales team who are now known as Business Development Managers and have extensive knowledge, are multi-skilled and represent all our animal health businesses within the UK. This includes Centaur Services (Wholesale), Vet Space (Practice management software), St Francis Group and Vetswest (Buying groups).

Customer Experience

We are aware that in the past, some of our customers have spent time speaking to multiple members of our sales team when dealing with more than one of our service solutions. There will no longer be a need for you to call different representatives for different services. Our team will be able to get closer to the veterinary practices, listen and understand the individual clinic needs on a broader spectrum, providing quality advice to the clinics they serve and therefore save you time and overall provide you with a better end to end solution and service.

We have integrated and aligned our businesses across animal health within the UK and are moving forward as one united team who can help you deliver the best care for your patients.

For further information please call your Business Development Manager. Please see the map for updated territories and contact information.