As part of our continued efforts to protect your systems, we are making changes to the communication security between your browser and our servers using only the most up to date and secure methods.

As the internet evolves it brings more and more threats to your system and measures need to be taken to prevent data loss and stop malicious attacks. To ensure the best security possible we are removing support for older, less secure encryption methods.

From 6th June 2018 any device and/or browser that is not compatible will be unable to connect to your Merlin PMS. While the majority of devices across all Merlin customers should be compatible we recommend the checks below are completed as soon as possible.

To check if your browser and device will continue to work after this date, please go to the following URL on each device in your practice:

You can also access the page via under the Development menu.

If your device displays all successful results as shown below, then this device will continue to function and no further action needs to be taken.

intergrity vetspace

If you are unable to load the page or do not see the example above, then please contact our Support team on 0845 2000 725, Option 1 or email who will be able to help you.