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Veterinary Software Systems and Services

We design, develop, install and support onsite and cloud solutions for Veterinary Practices of any size or scale. Our Voyager software solution enhances your business performance with Practice Management Systems that provide information and reduce administration to give you time to see more patients and generate income.

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  • Our onsite solution provides a system that runs on a server physically installed in a Practice, facilitating information and software to individual devices across a network. Onsite is a modular solution that scales with your business or patient groups. The most common configuration is appointments, reception, medical history, accounts and a breed or species reference library such as small animal.

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  • SaaS (Software as a Service) is increasingly popular because it reduces capital expenditure on IT hardware and replaces it with a more flexible operating expense. You can now choose a SaaS version of Voyager, which delivers 24/7 access, to any location, from a virtual server in the cloud. Bringing potential benefits for many of our clients through improved productivity, online patient management and reduced maintenance.

Ready for any Practice

Vet Space solutions support core Veterinary Practice Management tasks and a diversity of additional functions and integrations. Our Regional Practice Advisory Managers work with each client to design the appropriate configuration to suit your business needs. Call us on +44 845 2000 725 and we'll help you identify which solution suits you best.

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