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Archives: July, 2016

Businesses failing to combat cybercrime

SME’s vulnerable to cybercrime New research has found that small businesses in the UK are failing to combat cybercrime. Many are failing to put adequate cyber security measures in place. This is putting themselves and their livelihood at risk of attack from cyber criminals, the Business Matters website reports. According to a recent survey of

Crypto Locker Advice Guide

Crypto Locker ransomware is an increasing threat to Veterinary Practices, as it is to the business community in general. Vet Space has seen a significant increase in customers contacting our helpdesk asking for advice and information. Support Manager, Steve Frietas has compiled a Crypto Locker advice guide to raise awareness of the ransomware threat and

Use of KPI’s in business

Today we explore the findings of a KPI’s in business survey and consider them against feedback from Veterinary Industry Professionals. A new study has found that failing to identify and track key performance indicators (KPI’s) is stunting small business growth in the UK, the Small Business website reports. According to the research, conducted by Geckoboard,