10 cool Instagram posts every Veterinary Practice should try

If you’re considering becoming more active on social media, or adding a new social network to your marketing strategy, have you thought about starting an Instagram account?

Instagram isn’t just for sharing selfies and pictures of what you’ve had for lunch! This highly visual platform has become one of the biggest social networks in the world, surpassing Twitter in terms of user numbers – and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Since being bought by Facebook a few years ago, Instagram’s features have been developed so they’re now more useful for businesses. Not only can you add hashtags to improve the reach of your posts, but you can also send private messages, add locations and tag individuals into your content. You can also link your account to your Practice website, where users can learn even more about your business and its services.

But what type of content should you share? For starters, as a Veterinary Practice you have one of the cutest sources of inspiration out there – your animals! Below are a few ideas for types of Instagram posts that other Veterinary Practices are using to boost their following and engagement. Could any of these work for you?

1. The patient selfie
OK, so we said that Instagram was about more than just selfies; but you can certainly make an exception for an adorable selfie of one of your Veterinary staff members with a patient. This shows the softer side of your Practice, and clients will love seeing their pet get their 15 seconds of fame!

2. The witty caption post
Instagram is all about capturing the perfect image, but it’s also about the captions you write beneath those images. A good caption can make a big difference; either providing extra context for the image or just providing a giggle. Always add a few words when you post an image as it will help increase engagement.

3. The seasonal post
Check the calendar to see what key dates and events are coming up, and see if you can create a relevant picture to celebrate them. From Easter to Halloween, Christmas and even Valentine’s Day anything is fair game for content! And some owners will love the chance to get their pet dressed up for a special pic!

4. The promotional post
Have you got a special offer or event taking place at your Practice? Or has a new product just arrived that you can’t wait to tell people about? Don’t be shy – share a snap of it or perhaps make an eye-catching graphic with all the information they’ll need.

5. The staff recognition post
Featuring staff members on your account and acknowledging how great they are works two-fold; your clients can get to know your team better, and your staff get a motivational boost!

6. The cool procedure post
You don’t necessarily want to be sharing pictures of graphic surgery, but you should be showing off procedures that you’re proud to provide; for example, a cat wearing goggles for receiving laser therapy.

7. The client repost
Sharing pictures of your patients that clients have taken themselves is a great way to boost engagement and deepen customer relations. While Instagram doesn’t have a repost feature, you can use other apps to do this for you, ensuring that your followers are always mentioned and credited.

8. The celebratory post
If your Practice has something to celebrate, tell your Instagram followers! Whether it’s an award, a new baby (animal or human!) or a Practice renovation, you should always share your positive news with your clients.

9. The before/after post
Does your Practice offer a grooming service? Have you treated a rescued or injured animal who’s now back in tip-top condition? Make a before and after post in one picture using a collage app, and you’ll show just how effective your treatments and services can be.

10. Anything with puppies and/or kittens!
Everyone loves a puppy or kitten, so snap a pic of your youngest patients whenever you can and you’re sure to see your follower numbers increase.
We hope these tips will inspire you to get Instagramming; but remember, the most important tip is to get creative with it and have fun!