Cloud Release Notes

2.3.42 - May 2017

New Features

This release contains the following new features which will be covered in more detail in sections below:
1) Client and Patient Summary Bar
2) SMS and Email Communication Recording
3) Import Wholesaler and Manufactuerer Discounts

We are also looking to some beta customers for our new integration with Smart Flow Sheets.
Please contact your regional manager to enquire.

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Client and Patient Summary Bar

There have been a few changes to the Client and Patient Summary bar for easier information access and communication.

Download the New Feature Document here

SMS and Email Communication Recording

Merlin now records the email and SMS content sent through the system, this allows for better customer interaction if they call about a communication received which may have been sent by another member of staff or via an automated process.

Download the New Feature Document here

Import Wholesaler and Manufactuerer Discounts

It is now possible to import the wholesaler and manufacturer discounts into the system, combined with the “Cost Type” feature in code entry you can now accurately mark up your products from the buying price rather than list price.

Download the New Feature Document here

Code Entry

Save & Cancel (9990)
The save & cancel buttons have been moved to the top of the window for system consistency purposes


None Active (9406)
None active patients/none active clients reports have been renamed to inactive patients/inactive clients

Health Care Plan

Suspend Plan (9545)
The suspended plans tab has been removed from within health care reports

Internal Messaging

Im Links (9278)
When using the reply or reply to all functionalities, all attachments from the previous message shall be retained

Patient Summary

Client Line Modifications (9472)
All telephone numbers are now listed in the patient summary panel, along with all email addresses for the client. The ability to double click an email line to generate the email window has also been implemented. Contact ID is present, along with an icon indicator relating to a patients HCP status. Address data now displays as number, first line of the address & the postcode


Store Client Communication (5186)
Email and SMS data is now stored within the client communication tab

Known Issues (click to expand)
Improvements and Bugs Fixed (click to expand)


Predefined Entries (9580)
Predefined discount entries are not adhering to the site filter

Change Invoice Date (10480)
Change invoice date with the default ‘allow future treatment dates’ is overriding accounting period restrictions

Allocation Amount (9554)
Allocation amount is removed when selecting multiple treatment lines

Sites Vat (9520)
An exception occurs when site VAT values are set to none

Return Payments (10321)
Return payments are not showing the correct refund flag for already returned payments.

Receipt (10331)
Account receipt is missing the site details

Return Money For Negative (10420)
An exception occurs when deleting discount items after a returned money for a negative balance action has been applied to an account

Treatment Area

Tax Codes (10347)
Editing a treatment within history where the tax rate was a different value to the current date is applying the current tax rate

Treat Date As Booking Date (10392)
The treat date as booking date setting is not functioning correctly

Open Bracket (10340)
Adding clinical notes with an open bracket is causing history to disappear

Barcode (10269)
Entering the treatment barcode window twice is causing system performance issues to occur

Discount Rounding (10454)
Discount net & VAT values are calculating differently from the treatment item, causing a rounding issue to occur

Client Pop-Up Note (10165)
The client pop-up note is appearing twice within the treatment module

Fast Track Species (9550)
Fast track patient selection does not stop species specific items from being applied to patients without the required species type

Documents (10418)
Documents paging is not displaying additional pages document data

Documents Order (10414)
Documents are not ordering by created date

Euthanasia Item (10063)
Treating with a euthanasia item is not generating the delete future appointments window

Vat (10658)
Treatments are showing with VAT value of zero, despite having VAT

Emailed Documents (10700)
Any word documents emailed within treatment history cannot be opened once received


Track Current Time (10239)
Track current time causes the diary to create multiple unavailable slots, whilst displaying separate surgeons as having no availability

Surgeon No Availability (10112)
Drag & drop/cut & paste/copy and paste appointments between surgeon columns is causing availability to disappear for separate surgeons

Appointment Colours (9395)
When appointments are booked, the background colouring selected for the surgeon is removed. This should be retained

Surgeons With Background Availability Colour (10571)
The time element is amending to a white background for surgeons with a background availability colour set, when treated & paid flags are applied to an appointment

Previous & Next (10637)
Week view navigation is locking previous and next buttons to the week view, preventing the functionality from triggering within the diary day view

In-Treatment Timeout (9476)
The in-treatment status is retained when a user’s session times out or the user is logged out of the system, whilst viewing the treatment module

Daylist Practitioner (10602)
Daylist practitioner is adhering to current date availability slots

Health Care Plan

Join Hcp (9629)
The join HCP window has received cosmetic improvements to enhance the presentation of the window

Deleted Plan (9137)
Adding a plan with the same description details as a previously deleted plan is causing an exception to occur

Hcp Return Money (10422)
HCP accounts return money does not apply payment return for the first payment but subsequently shows the alert ‘This action has already been performed’

Till Trigger (9977)
Till does not trigger when returning money from the HCP accounts module


New User (9642)
Add new user is not automatically ticking display in diary within the surgeons’ tab when selected during the creation stage

Username Restriction (9647)
Username is now restricted to a maximum of 50 characters/digits

Specific Site User (10155)
A specific site user can create a user for all sites

Specific Site Roles (9810)
Roles with specific sites selected is not restricting user access to non-selected sites


Run For Clients With Outstanding Insurance (9693)
Run for non-paid insurance items only has been amended to run for clients with outstanding insurance

Performance (10235)
Debtors performance improvement has been implemented

Do Not Send Any Email (10551)
Debtors clients with ‘do not send any email’ ticked within client additional information are not populating in the no email options for statements and invoices debtor emailing

Merge Fields Decimal Place (10123)
The following merge fields are only represented with a singular decimal value: <> <> <> <> <>

Report Wizard

Deleted Or Euthanised Patients (10506)
Report wizard is sending text messages for deleted/euthanised patients

Email (10521)
An exception occurs when sending emails from the report wizard

Paging Amount (10558)
Text messages are not sending for clients beyond the initial paging count


Payment Analysis (9694)
Bounced Cheques/Transfer/Advanced Payments reports within payment analysis are not returning the required data

Reports Generate Button (9014)
The generate report button has been relocated for lower screen resolutions

Month End Reports (10330)
Category Summary By Item Date & Category Summary By Invoice Date are not returning the relevant data


Full List (9721)
Full list columns become misalignment during navigation

Hospital Surgeon (9905)
Specialist hospital surgeons are missing in the surgeons drop-down list within the hospital daylist

Arrow Navigation (10663)
Set in-treatment flag is retained when using arrow navigation


Tote Scan All (10071)
Tote scan all is not receiving the batch data

Abandoned Items (8474)
Abandoned items have their status amended to received when tote scanning an order

Batch Tote Scan (10268)
Ability to change the batch tote import quantity. The batch code and batch expiry editing has now been disabled


Add Weight (10247)
Add weight button greys out & does not unlock if the user cancels the add weight window from the surgeon list

Surgeon Weight Prompt (10248)
Surgeon weight has changed list generates for 0 value but the value is not added

Daily Cash

Account Type Filter (9947)
The daily cash account type filter does not automatically refresh grid results

Register Last Date (10548)
Register last date records are saving an hour before the times that you have selected


Item Date To Current Date (9879)
Appointments navigation outside of the accounting period is not setting the item date to the current date

Appointment That Covers Multiple Availabilities (10567)
The appointment reminders module is sending duplicate text messages if the appointment start time is shared between two separate availabilities for the same surgeon on the same day

Price List

Treatment Type (8252)
Entering text into the description field is causing an exception to occur

Treatment Type (8252)
Entering text into the description field without a selected treatment type is causing an exception to occur


Gender (10433)
An exception occurs whilst assigning a gender to a patient

Reminder Letters (10315)
The patient reminder letters tab is not populated by the printed letters generated within the reminders module


Milab Ticks (9651)
Milab retains removed ticks when creating a lab request

Print Lab Results (9906)
Data is missing or displayed incorrectly within printed lab results


Appointment Reasons Site (9899)
Appointment reason creation is looking at the site filter, rather than the selected site during the creation stage


Locked User (10528)
User gets locked out without ability to unlock. Functionality added to allow administrators to unlock users


Inactive Patients Report (8928)
The inactive patient report is missing the species drop-down filter


Tick Selection (10577)
Milab lab requests are only sending the last selected order code. All former ticks are not adhered to

Patient Reminders

Paging Amount (10612)
Text messages are not sending for clients beyond the initial paging count

Patient, Reception

Wildcard Search (10451)
The wildcard search functionality within the breed field is populating results before the user has completed their data entry


Consolidation Days Check (9638)
The consolidation days’ check is showing before the user has logged into their selected site


Modify Patient (10318)
Modifying a patient is removing the gender for specific patient categories


Treatment & Reception (10490)
An exception occurs whilst accessing the reception settings page & the treatment page suffers from a layout issue

Stock Control

No Batch Field (9799)
Batch items quantity selection in stock transfer does not reset the no batch item quantity field when maximum is reached


Microchip Receipt (10066)
Unable to view microchip receipts from VetXML page

Clinical Note

Clinical Code (10229)
Clinical code is removed when editing a clinical note


User Clipper (10652)
Adding clipper records is adding records for all users, rather than just the current user


Child Items (10669)
Fraction quantity child items amend to the nearest value when edited or treated

Internal Messaging

Unread Im’S (10639)
Unread IM’s are not easily distinguishable from read IM’s


Create Monthly Invoices Exception (10394)
An exception occurs whilst printing invoices using the default data set

Document Management

View Attachment (10706)
Upload template word documents display incorrectly when viewed from within the email window


Atmosphere (10648)
The atmosphere disconnection alert is retained, despite the atmosphere reconnecting successfully

Global Price Update

Global Price Update Stock (9932)
Stock items filter is not removing non stock items from the treatment type drop-down

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